WunderLINQ Navigator Documentation

Version 1.0


First of all, Thank you for purchasing the WunderLINQ!

This documentation covers the install and usage of the WunderLINQ hardware on your motorcycle. Please review the document completely before attempting the install.


You will need to following to install the WunderLINQ on your motorcycle.

  1. WunderLINQ
  2. BMW Motorcycle with Navigation Preperation

For performance and fault data your motorbike must have the option On-board Computer Pro.


This video covers the install of the WunderLINQ Navigator.

WunderLINQ App

Now that the WunderLINQ hardware is installed, install and configure the WunderLINQ app. Please see our app documentation at the following link.

WunderLINQ App Documentation

Usage Notes

Below is the mapping between Wunder Wheel input and keyboard input. If you are using the WunderLINQ with an RT or K1600 view the mappings at the end of this section.

Hand Controls Keyboard Key  
Scroll Wheel Up UP Arrow  
Scroll Wheel Down DOWN Arrow  
Wheel Left LEFT Arrow  
Wheel Right RIGHT Arrow  
Wheel Left Long Press ESCAPE  
Wheel Right Long Press ENTER  
Indicator Cancel iOS Keyboard Toggle WunderLINQ V2 or greater
Indicator Cancel Long Press Phone Mute WunderLINQ V2 or greater

If your bike is equipped with a TFT instrument cluster, please see the notes below.

If your bike is equipped with a TFT instrument cluster, you will see a message on the TFT once the WunderLINQ has been inserted into the cradle.

The TFT indicates which device currently has wheel focus in the upper left-hand corner once the WunderLINQ has been detected. Switching the wheel focus to the WunderLINQ by changing the mode to Nav by long-pressing the Menu button UP.

To switch wheel focus back to the TFT, press the Menu button down

Below is the mapping between Wunder Wheel input and keyboard input on RT and K1600.

Hand Controls Keyboard Key  
Zoom+ UP Arrow  
Zoom- DOWN Arrow  
Speak LEFT Arrow  
Page RIGHT Arrow  
Speak Double Click ESCAPE  
Page Double Click ENTER  
Display Off iOS Keyboard Toggle WunderLINQ V2 or greater
Mute Phone Mute WunderLINQ V2 or greater

If your motorbike has a TFT instrument cluster, you must put it in Nav mode or Nav menu on the RT/K1600, to pass the wheel presses to the cradle.


The WunderLINQ is designed to work with BMW motorcycles that have the BMW Multi Function Controller (WW), On-Board Computer Pro option and fitted with the Navigation Prep option. Essentially, any BMW motorcycle equipped to utilize the BMW Nav 5/6 GPS units will work with the WundeLINQ. To confirm your bike has these options please check your bikes build sheet via a VIN lookup app/site. In general most BMW motorcycles manufactured post 2013 have the aforementioned options. How these options are implemented and ultimately how the WunderLINQ will function is dependent on the model/year. Please see the list of Model/Year function notes.

Please note only the official BMW Navigation Prep cradle is supported.

Model/Year Function Notes


  • Wheel Control
  • Full data
  • Wheel Control
  • Full data


  • Wheel Control
  • Full data


All model years
  • Wheel Control
  • Full data


  • Wheel Control
  • Full data
  • Wheel Control
  • Full data


  • Wheel Control
  • Full data
  • Wheel Control
  • Full data

Data Point Availability Matrix


Solid Blue/Green LED or No LED

If the WunderLINQ unit’s LED immediately goes solid green/blue or doesn’t light at all on insertion the unit has failed and must be replaced.

Additional Information

WunderLINQ-DFU App

WunderLINQ Firmware Changelog


WunderLINQ User Group

Support Request

Other Links

Black Box Embedded, LLC

WunderLINQ Documentation Source Code


WARNING: The use of the WunderLINQ, a product manufactured by Black Box Embedded, LLC, on your motorcycle is at your own risk. This product is intended for off-road use only and should not be used on public roads or highways. Black Box Embedded, LLC shall not be liable for any damages, injuries, or harm caused by the use of this product. By using this product, you acknowledge and accept the risks associated with its use, and you agree to waive any claims you may have against Black Box Embedded, LLC for any damages, injuries, or harm caused by the use of this product. This product is intended for use by experienced riders only and should not be used by beginners or inexperienced riders. Always exercise caution and ride responsibly.

WunderLINQ products should always be installed by a qualified technician. If you are unsure of your ability to properly install a product, please have the product installed by your local motorcycle technician. Black Box Embedded, LLC takes no responsibility for damages caused by improper installation. WARNING: When installing electronics it is extremely important to pay close attention to how wires are routed, especially when mounting products to the front fender, front fork, or fairing of your motorcycle. Always be sure to turn the handlebars full left, and full right, and fully compress the suspension to ensure the wires will not bind and have enough slack for your motorcycle to operate properly.