iOS WunderLINQ GoPro Remote Documentation

Version 1.0


First of all, Thank you for purchasing the WunderLINQ!

This documentation is to help you setup the WunderLINQ GoPro Remote and to describe the functionality available in the WunderLINQ GoPro Remote app.


You will need the following to use the WunderLINQ GoPro Remote app.

  1. WunderLINQ
  2. GoPro Camera Version 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11
  3. WunderLINQ App
  4. WunderLINQ GoPro Remote App
  5. BMW Motorcycle with Navigation Preperation
  6. Phone or Tablet

Getting Started

Install the Remote App

Prepare Camera

We must first get your GoPro ready to be paired. Once this inital pairing is complete it shouldn't be required again unless you reset your wireless connections on your smart device or camera. Please do this initial setup off the bike in a safe location.

Swipe down and over to your settings page then select connections.

Make sure Wireless Connections is set to yes. Select Connect Device.

Select GoPro Quik App

Your GoPro is now ready to be paired with the WunderLINQ GoPro Remote.

Pair App

Open the app and wait for your camera to be discovered.

Select the camera you would like to pair.

Select Pair or Connect when prompted.

App Usage

Camera List

The Camera List screen provides a list of active Cameras' ready to be connected to.

Camera List Screen Controls

Scroll Wheel Up/Swipe Up Select previous camera
Scroll Wheel Down/Swipe Down Select next camera
Wheel Right Long Press Connect to and control selected camera
Wheel Left Long Press Go back to the WunderLINQ App

Menu button

button will open the app settings page

App Settings: Settings that impact the app.
About: Displays information about the app and includes links to the WunderLINQ web site.
Close: Closes App.

User Interface Settings

Highlight Color Select your prefered highlight/accent color.
Enable Camera Preview Enable or disable camera preview. This can be useful to prevent accidental launch of preview when riding.

Debug Settings

Enable Debug Logging: Only enable if requested, and should be shut off when you are done. May cause performance issues if left on.

About Screen

The about screen provides a link to our website and documentation. The Send Logs button will format an email to WunderLINQ support, that includes device information and logs.

Connected Camera Control Screen

Camera Control Screen Controls

Scroll Wheel Up/Swipe Up Select previous recording mode
Scroll Wheel Down/Swipe Down Select next recording mode
Wheel Right Long Press Toggle the camera shutter
Wheel Left Press Back to the Camera List screen
Wheel Right Press Open Camera preview
Wheel Left Long Press Go back to the WunderLINQ App

The Camera Control screen provides a view of your cameras' status and provides the ability to change the cameras mode, control its shutter and to open a preview.

Connected Camera Preview Screen

Camera Preview Screen Controls

Wheel Left Press Go back to Camera Control Screen
Wheel Left Long Press Go back to the WunderLINQ App

The Camera Preview screen provides a video preview of your camera view. We recommend using preview during your intial setup and pairing of the camera to setup the WiFi connection needed for the preview function.


Problem Reporting

If you think you've found a bug or defect you can submit a report to us by using the form on our website.  If you are comfortable using GitHub you can check if the bug has already been logged or submit your bug directly there.

GitHub Issue Tracker